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As a traffic court lawyer licensed in Missouri and Kansas courts, I know that courts differ greatly in their policies, procedures, and fees.  For that reason, one of the first questions we often ask our clients is, "What court jurisdiction was your ticket issued it?"  Because everything else depends on the answer to that question.

You can always find your information on the top section of your ticket.  You can also check the court address with the information provided below.  If you need help, give us a call at 816-841-2557 or 913-708-8194. 

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**We are offering a Special Online Attorney Fee of $99 for the courts noted in red. 
If your court does not show a $99 special, we can still offer you a very competitive attorney fee.  Call us or request an online ticket amendment quote.

The following links will provide additional information for you regarding: 

1.  Missouri Municipal Courts (city courts).  These tickets are generally written by a city police officer.

2.  Missouri Circuit Courts (county courts). These tickets are generally written by Missouri Highway Patrol officers.

Bates County Circuit Court

Blue Springs Municipal Court

Belton Municipal Court $99

Boone County Circuit Court

Buchanan County Circuit Court

Buckner Municipal Court $99

Cass County Circuit Court

Clay County Circuit Court

Claycomo Municipal Court $99

Cleveland Municipal Court $99

Clinton County Circuit Court

FCC Fine Collection Center

Gladstone Municipal Court

Grandview Municipal Court $99

Greenwood Municipal Court $99

Harrisonville Municipal Court $99

Independence Municipal Court

Jackson County Circuit Court

Jackson County Municipal Divn.

Johnson County Circuit Court

KCMO Municipal Court $99

Kearney Municipal Court

Lake Lotawana Municipal Ct $99

Lake Tapawingo Municipal Court

Lake Winnebago Municipal Ct $99

Lee's Summit Municipal Court $99

Linn County Circuit Court

Marion County Circuit Court

No Kansas City Municipal Ct 

Oakview Municipal Court $99

Parkville Municipal Court $99

Peculiar Municipal Court

Platte City Municipal Court

Platte County Circuit Court

Platte Woods Municipal Court $99

Pleasant Valley Municipal Court

Randolph Municipal Court

Raymore Municipal Court  $99

Raytown Municipal Court

Riverside Municipal Court  $99

Smithville Municipal Court $99

St. Joseph Municipal Court $99

Sugar Creek Municipal Court

Tracy Municipal Court $99

Weston Municipal Court $99

Are you wondering how many points will go on your driving record if you plead guilty?  We get calls everyday from people who have plead guilty to tickets and now wish they hadn't. 

Call a traffic court lawyer before you plead guilty.
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