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Speeding Ticket Costs

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Speeding ticket costs vary for many reasons.  What court is your ticket in?  Courts vary greatly in their court costs and fines as well as policies regarding moving violations. 

How severe are the charges against you?  Were you 10 miles over the posted speed limit or 25 miles over?  The fine will surely be different.

Are there additional charges against you?  Often, a person is pulled over for speeding and then cited for additional offenses.  Examples would be a "no seat belt" charge or no insurance or improper registration.  More serious additional charges would be driving with a suspended or revoked license or drug possession. 

Plead Guilty or Have Your Speeding Ticket Amended?

1.  Pleading Guilty:  Speeding ticket costs have a wide range. If you plead guilty (or "no contest" which has similar consequences), you will pay the fine on your ticket.  This will plead you guilty to a moving violation which will generally be recorded on your driving record for a period of 3 years. 

If your ticket does not have a fine when issued, often the court will send you a letter in a week or two with a payment amount to be submitted.  If the address on your driver's license is not correct, you will never get the letter.  Update your drivers' license address easily here.

Some traffic tickets with more serious charges have mandatory court appearances; such as high rate of speed, driving while suspended, or no insurance charges.  For these tickets, the fine to plead guilty is assessed in the courtroom.  For these serious traffic violations, you will surely want to consult a traffic lawyer, as pleading guilty can subsequently suspend your license.  To read more about points accumulated for moving violations click here.

Pleading guilty and having a moving violation recorded against you has many adverse effects.  We receive calls nearly every day from people wanting to "undo" their previous guilty pleas. 

Sometimes it's the letter they received from their insurance company that begins, "Due to a change in your driving record ........ and ends with a rate increase".  Tarnished driving records can have an adverse effect on your credit rating or ability to rent a car on vacation.  Employers are often running driving records on job applicants as another form of evaluation or indicator of responsibility - even if the job has nothing to do with driving. 

The bottom line is this:  If you have a moving violation that is amendable, have it amended.  Yes, it will cost you more up front.  But it will save you over and over in the long run.  I can promise you that it is very rare to find someone who says, "Gee, I sure wish I hadn't kept that off my driving record."

2.  Having the ticket amended:  Amending a ticket means we are having it changed to a less severe violation.  We are having your moving violation changed to a zero-point (no points), non-moving infraction.  Non-moving infractions are not recorded on driving records.  If it is not recorded on your driving record, then no one generally discovers it.  That's how having a ticket amended changes everything for you.

Speeding ticket costs associated with having a ticket amended are higher than pleading guilty to it.  To put it simply, the court charges more money in exchange for reducing the severity of your ticket. 

Your ticket will be amended from a moving violation that would be recorded on your driving record down to a zero-point, non-moving infraction that will not be on your record.  The court allows an attorney to make this change because you are paying the court a higher fine.

Besides the increased cost to the court, you will incur a fee for the attorney to facilitate the amendment for you.  So, the increased fine to the court and the attorney fee are the 2 costs involved in having a speeding ticket amended.

How Much Will Your Ticket Cost?



To find out how much it would cost to have your speeding ticket amended and keep it off of your driving record, start by selecting the court jurisdiction your ticket was issued in:

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