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If you see flashing police lights in your rear-view mirror, your next actions could make a difference in the outcome of this traffic stop.

*As soon as you see the police lights, turn on your turn signal - immediately.  Even though you don't know for sure that it's you the officer wants, flip that blinker on and start looking for a safe place to pull over. 

If the officer doesn't want you, they will appreciate you attempting to move out of their way and they'll zoom on past.  But, if they do want you, it quickly exhibits cooperation on your part - which decreases the officer's tension.  One point for you.

*If you know where your license, insurance and registration are, quickly get them out. You may have a few seconds as the officer is generally putting your license plate number in the computer. 

However, when the officer is approaching your car, roll down your window and put your hands at "11 o'clock and 1 o'clock" on your steering wheel.  Nothing makes an officer more nervous that a driver rummaging around in the car.  Then see what items are asked for and ask permission to look here or there in the car.  

*Answer questions simply and don't elaborate.  Don't volunteer information unless you are certain it will help your case.  Be very polite and respectful and don't argue or use sarcasm.  Sometimes being vague or unsure is helpful.  "Do you know how fast you were going"?  Hopefully not if it was 95!  Something like, "Officer I'm not completely sure, as I am unfortunately extremely concerned about getting to ........." 

Sometimes, it's possible and very helpful to enlist the officer's help via a police escort to the urgent destination.  

*When you've minimized the damages to the extent possible, call us at Traffic Law Central.  Consultations are always free.  A clean driving record is a prized possession and not every ticket is amendable.  So if you have one that is, don't pass the opportunity by.  We've never had a client that said, "Gee, I wish I hadn't kept that off my record!"

Questions?  Call KC Traffic Law Central for a free consultation. 
We'll help you get back on the road again.



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