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Yes, you can pay a speeding ticket online on some court websites, but that is pleading you guilty to a moving violation that will stay on your driving record for about 3 years. 

Don't do that until you read more about pleading guilty vs ticket amendments

KC Traffic Law Central is now making it possible to hire us to handle your ticket amendment via internet.  Is it more expensive?  No.  In fact, it often costs less.  

We are offering a $99 attorney fee for simple, basic ticket amendments available in SOME court jurisdictions that are paid for online.  This service is available for some tickets in some courts.  

If the $99 attorney fee is not available for your court, we will quote you a very reasonable fee for your specific situation (which can also be paid online if desired).  

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Online Payment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why would our attorney fee be less online?  Simply because the process online is streamlined for us and for you.  If it saves time, it saves money and we pass that savings on to you.

How does it work?  Simply check our Missouri Court information or Kansas Court information to see if your ticket qualifies for our special.  If it does, then follow the online instructions and pay on this website.  You can pay with any credit or debit card and may wish to take advantage of PayPal's 6 month 0% financing offer.

(If your ticket does not qualify for online payment, call us and we can help you with a ticket amendment via phone. 816-841-2557 or 913-708-8194.) An office visit or court appearance by YOU is rarely necessary.

Or, request an online quote to have your ticket amended to a zero-point, non-moving infraction that will not appear on your driving record.

What happens after I pay online?  After submitting your ticket information and payment, the professionals at KC Traffic Law Central will examine your ticket and notify you as to whether your case has been accepted.  If we accept your case, you will then be sent an email stating such and a formal receipt from KC Traffic Law Central of Bukaty Law Offices, P.A.  At this point, an attorney-client relationship exists.  

Do not assume that we are taking care of your case if you have not received an acceptance email regarding your ticket.  If you have not heard from us in 24 hours during the work week or within 48 hours on the weekend, follow up with us via email or phone.  

**Do not pay an attorney fee to us online (unless directed to do so) for any ticket that has a court date less than 3 full business days away.  These need to be handled in a more expeditious manner.  Call us for direction.

When we have accepted your case, we will proceed and will you advised along the way.  When your ticket amendment is complete, we will mail you a "closing letter" regarding your case. 

What if you do not accept my ticket?  If we cannot accept your case, we will advise you of that and what the options are.  If the options are not acceptable to you, we will refund your entire payment back to the payment source.  

What would be some reasons that my ticket would not be accepted for processing online?  Typically, it would be because there are additional charges against you, the court was different than you thought, the court date is in the very near future, or there is some other issue that complicates your case in some way.  In any of these cases, we can often help, but would need to discuss it further with you first.

How long will it be after I submit my payment before I know if you have accepted the case?  If your ticket information is submitted during normal business work week (M-F), then you should have an answer within 24 hours and hopefully less. 

On the weekend or holidays, we will get you an answer generally within 48 hours unless we need to contact a court.  As courts are closed on the weekends, a weekend or holiday inquiry may take until Monday morning.

You're offering some inexpensive attorney fees for ticket amendments.  Am I receiving the same service for my ticket amendment?  Yes, you are.  When your ticket is amended from a moving violation to a zero-point, non-moving infraction, the court process is the same regardless of how much you pay an attorney to handle the amendment.  $99, $150, or $250 attorney fee does not make any difference in the way a court amends your ticket. 

What we charge to facilitate the amendment process is always based on a variety of factors that affect the time involved and the complexity of the process.  The information on this website is a general guide to what some of those circumstances are.  Call us for your specifics or request a free ticket quote.



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