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No Insurance Ticket 

No Insurance Tickets or
"Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility"

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If you've received a no insurance ticket or have been ticketed for "failure to maintain financial responsibility", what you do next can be extremely important. 

Pleading guilty, no contest, or paying the fine on your ticket can suspend your license.  Call us for an immediate consultation at 816-841-2557 or 913-708-8194 or request an online quote.

People often think that by paying the fine and getting current insurance, they are doing the right thing.  And the court has no interest in telling you any different.  However, this scenerio can put you well on your way to a points suspension in Missouri and a suspended license in Kansas as well.

If you really did have insurance and just could not produce the card or proof for the officer, we can generally have that ticket dismissed. What we need is valid proof of insurance for you in that car on that day which we will then present to the court.

If you did not have insurance, the first thing you need to do is get valid insurance now.  Prosecutors want to see things taken care of so getting insurance for a no insurance ticket is the first step.

In Kansas, which is referred to as "a moving violation state," meaning that if you receive 3 moving violations within a year, your license will be suspended.

This correlates to a similar method of measurement in Missouri that uses a points system rather than occurrances.

The state of Kansas may also suspend your license if you are ticketed and convicted for driving without liability insurance.

When the Kansas DMV receives notice of this conviction, they will require that you pay a reinstatement fee of $100 and maintain an SR-22 filing with the Driver Control Bureau for a period of twelve consecutive months.

This conviction is one of the 3 necessary convictions used by the Driver Control Bureau to revoke your drivers license under the Kansas "Habitual Violater Statute" for a three year period.

SR 22 Insurance

What is SR22 insurance?  It is proof that you have liability insurance.  A requirement of having SR22 insurance means you must maintain a formal filing that assures the DMV that you have up to date liability insurance.

This process is ordered for persons who have a past history of failure to maintain auto insurance.  The license bureau then mandates that the person "show proof" of current insurance at all times for a specified period - often 1 year or more.

An SR22 itself is a form that will be sent to the DMV by your insurance company on a regular basis - normally monthly.  This form tells them that you are current on your insurance.  If you are not current, your insurance company will notify the DMV of that as well.  So, it is a monitoring system ordered by the court for persons who have failed to maintain current insurance in the past.

SR22 insurance is normally more expensive because the insurance company has additional paperwork and reporting to do.  Additionally, the person requiring an SR22 may not have the best driving record and this always makes insurance rates higher.

If you've been issued a no insurance ticket, we can help. 
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