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Kansas City Speeding Ticket  

If you've received a Kansas City speeding ticket, it's likely to be in the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court jurisdiction.  More tickets are issued here than anywhere in the KC Metro area. 
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A KCMO ticket will likely look like the ticket example below. This is what the officer will hand you when you are pulled over or arrested.  It is a long (about 14") white paper that is computer generated in the officer's squad car.

Futher on down this page, you will see a Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court pay letter example.  Approximately 10 days after you receive a ticket, the court will mail you a pay letter. If you don't receive this, it's probably because your address on your driver's license is not where you live.  

The letter will have a fine on it and a perforated coupon at the bottom to send in with your payment.  When you do this, you are pleading guilty (or no contest - same consequences) to a moving violation that will incur points and be recorded against your driving record for a period of about 3 years.

Read more about pleading guilty vs ticket amendments.

Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court Ticket:

Kansas City Speeding Ticket

This is an example of a Kansas City speeding ticket.  KCMO Municipal Court issues long, white paper tickets that are computer generated by the arresting officer. 

In the top left corner, it says City of Kansas City Missouri.  When a ticket says City Of, it has always been issued in the jurisdiction of a Municipal Court.  In this case, the jurisdiction is Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court. 

The 9 digit ticket number is at the top right (partially blocked for privacy).  Under the ticket number, you will notice a division box which has an F in it.  That is your courtroom if you were to appear in court.  You would appear in courtroom F.

The following information is about you, your car, your license and the location you were cited.  There is a CDL box that may be checked if you have a commercial driver's license.

Above and below the large blue box describes what you are being charged with.  In this case, the charge is "did exceed posted speed limit" and the boxes are marked 88/65 making this person 23 mph over the speed limit. 

Your ticket will often not have a fine on it.  The fine will be stated on the "Pay Letter" that you will receive about 10 days later (if your address is correct on your driver's license).  Otherwise, the person who lives where you used to live will get it.  FYI: You are required by law to keep your address on your license updated.

Kansas City, Missouri
Municipal Court
Pay Letter

The next example is a Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court pay letter.  These are sent out about 10 days after a ticket is issued and request you to pay the fine which is stated on the letter.  Your ticket itself will not have a fine on it but this letter does.  However, the letter may not state what you are being cited for (such as speeding 84/65) but your ticket will have that information. 

The example below was issued for "failure to obey a traffic control device."  This particular ticket did qualify for our $99 attorney fee online special.   The court amendment fee and court costs would be approximately $223.50 which would bring the total to $322.50 to keep this ticket off our client's record.  Our client was able to do their part entirely online. 

**Note that the fine listed on the pay letter below is $111.50.  This is the fine to plead guilty to this ticket.  If you send that amount in, this ticket will be recorded on your record as a moving violation and will put 2 points against your record.  When we work with the court to have your ticket amended to a zero-point, non-moving infraction; the court charges an amendment fee that replaces your plead guilty fine.  This is an example.  These amounts change and vary with circumstances.  Call us if you have any questions as to how this process works.

  Click Here to start your Kansas City ticket amendment online. 

Kansas City Pay Letter For Traffic Tickets

What if you received a ticket from the officer but you didn't get the pay letter?  Most likely, you no longer live at the address on your driver's license.  You've moved - which is no defense for not getting anything that a court may send you.

Did you know that when we sign up for our driver's license, we agree to keep the License Bureau advised of our current address at all times - and, we can be ticketed for not having a current address on our license?  Update your license address online - it doesn't take that long and it may save you some headaches in the future.



This letter is sent out to make it convenient for you to plead guilty to whatever it is that you were ticketed for.  There is a perforated payment coupon at the bottom of the letter for you to send in with payment prior to your court date.

If you send that in with payment, thereby pleading guilty to the charges against you; you will incur points against your driving record.  How many points depends on the severity of your charge.

Before you plead guilty to a Kansas City speeding ticket, compare the costs for pleading guilty vs having a ticket amended

The KCMO Municipal Court qualifies for our $99 Attorney fee for basic speeding tickets process online. In addition, you will owe an amendment fee to the court which is paid instead of your "plead guilty" fine.  We can assist you in painlessly completing this entire process online.  Here's how to keep that ticket off your record.

How much does Kansas City Missouri court charge for amendment fees? Here's a list of what the court will have us pay to have your ticket amended.

If you do not have a fine on your pay letter, it is likely because you have a mandatory court appearance for a more serious charge.  The "mandatory court appearance" is generally for you or your attorney, so call us and see how we can help minimize the damage against your driving record and save you from having to appear in court..

Most ticket amendments we handle do not require you to be in court or come to our office.  We make the process as easy as possible for you.  Call us at 816-841-2557 or request an Online Quote for you legal situation. 

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