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Driving While Suspended 

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Driving while suspended is a serious traffic violation that can result in jail time.  Pleading guilty to a DWS charge will incur 12 points against your license and even further suspend your license. 

Tickets for driving while suspended or driving while revoked need an attorney's help to make sure you get the best outcome possible for your case. 

KC Traffic Law Central is highly experienced at resolving even the most complex and tangled suspended license cases.  Call and let us help you get back on the road legally at 816-841-2557 or 913-708-8194. 

Suspended License?

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Our first question to you will likely be, "Why is your license suspended"?  Sometimes, a client truly won't know why. 
We can help you figure it all out.

Why is a Drivers' License Suspended or Revoked?

  1. May have been recently suspended due a single episode that has caused their license to become suspended or revoked. 
  2. May have long-standing and complex issues that are causing the suspension.
  3. May have an accumulation of points that cause suspension. 

Most people with a suspended or revoked license fall into one of those 3 categories.

1. Single or simple episode that suspends a person's license:

The scenerio for this cause of a drivers' license that is suspended or revoked is a traffic ticket that is not paid or amended.  It's just ignored or forgotten about.

The court date on the ticket comes and goes.  The court files an FTA (failure to appear) against you and may send a warning letter. 

When the warning letter doesn't get a response, the ticket goes "to warrant".
This  means a warrant is placed on record for you and the information is forwarded on to the licensing board who then puts the wheels in motion to suspend your license. 

You have forgotten about it until you are pulled over for speeding (or anything else) and the officer runs your record.  Surprise - your license had been suspended.  Or, you go in to renew your license and they inform you that you don't have one. 

Either way, it's not a good situation to be in.  We get calls nearly every day from someone who says that they never got a notice stating that their license was being suspended.  Do you live at the address on your driver's license?  Probably not, and that's where the letters go.

When we sign up for a drivers' license, we promise to keep the licensing board "advised of our current mailing address" and can be ticketed for not doing so.  If the address is wrong on your license, update it here.

2.  Long-standing and complex issues causing suspension:

This scenerio for a suspended or revoked license can be due to a variety of matters.  Most of them start simply, such as the above example that is never taken care of.  Often there are multiple tickets that are further complicated by arrests for driving with a suspended license (a charge that carries 12 points which is enough to suspend a license even longer).

These scenerios become overwhelming to some clients who may go for years without clearing them up.  Being behind on child support payments is another possible contributor to a license suspension.

These complex matters can be resolved.  We systematically begin sorting it out and solve the problems one-by-one.  Your first step is to call the Kansas or Missouri DOR (or whatever state you had a license in) to find out what is causing your suspension.  The next step is to call us and see how we can help prioritize and begin to get your license back.  Call 816-841-2557 or 813-708-8194

3.  Points causing suspension:

Too many points on your driving record in Missouri (or occurances in Kansas) can quickly cause your license to become suspended.  How many is too many?  The following is how many in Missouri.  Kansas doesn't count points but occurances which end up with a similar end result.

·         12 or more points in 12 months

·         18 or more points in 24 months

·         24 or more points in 36 months

Click Here to see how many points your ticket will incur if you plead guilty to it.

The unfortunate fact about a points suspension is that it can generally be avoided by having an attorney amend your tickets.  Amending a ticket involves having the court reduce the severity of the ticket down to a zero-point, non-moving violation

Non-moving violations are not recorded on your driving record.  They also do not incur points.  That's why it's crucial to have your tickets amended.

Please keep in mind that all traffic ticket are not amendable.  For instance, in some courts, they will not amend tickets issued in a school zone or for CDL drivers.  Some courts will not amend "no insurance" tickets.  Some courts won't amend a ticket it the officer put in his notes that the driver was "rude". 

Clients will sometimes say, "I'll just go ahead and plead guilty to this one and if I get another ticket, I'll have that one amended."  The reality is that the next ticket you get may not be amendable, and then you've got 2 tickets on your record and are well on your way to a license point suspension. 

DWI will put at least 12 points on your record and no insurance tickets can put you close to a suspended license as well.  If you need to keep your driving privilege, call us and see how we can help or, request a Free Online Quote.



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