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Driving Records Matter!

And here's why your record matters more than ever: 

It used to be that records of traffic tickets and citations were filed on paper and pen in a filing cabinet in a courthouse or police station.  Not any more!  

Technology is such that anyone with a "reason to know" can likely access your driving record from any computer anywhere in a matter of minutes. 

Modern technology can be both a blessing and a curse, but it's here to stay and you've got to make it work for you - not against you!

So if you have the option to clean up your driving record, do it!

Who wants to know about your driving record?

  • Rental Car Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Banks and Mortgage Companies
  • Employers (Current and Future or Potential)
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Credit Score Companies
  • Court Systems and Parole Boards

Driving records are often utilized as one of many factors evaluated when a              company is measuring examples of your personal responsibility. 
                                          So it really does matter.

How do you keep it clean?  Well, moving violations such as speeding, illegal turns, accidents, etc. are recorded as "strikes" or "points" against your driving record. 

These are measurements that can eventually lead to suspension of your driving privilege and reek havoc with your credit along the way.

In most cases and most courts, we can have ticket and charges against you amended or "changed" from moving violations which ARE recorded against your driving record to non-moving infractions which ARE NOT recorded against you.  

What is involved in this transition is generally our office going to court to facilitate this change.  Additionally, the court usually charges you more money in exchange for the reduction in severity of your ticket.

Let us help you minimize the damages to the extent possible. 

Call us at Traffic Law Central.  Consultations are always free.  A clean driving record is a prized possession and not every ticket is amendable.  So if you have one that is, don't pass the opportunity by.  We've never had a client that said, "Gee, I wish I hadn't kept that off my record!"

Have questions?  Call KC Traffic Law Central. 

816-841-2557  Or  913-708-8194

Click here if you'd like to get a Online Quote to have your traffic ticket amended to keep your driving record clean.

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