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Alive at 25 Kansas City Safety Classes 

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Alive at 25 is a defensive driving or a drivers' safety class that is conducted by the Safety Council of Missouri and Kansas. 

We mention these Alive at 25 Classes because: 
Sometimesas a condition of a ticket amendment for people under the age of 21,  the prosecutor will mandate
that the driver complete a 4 hour Alive at 25 Class. 

Which Courts Mandate the
Alive at 25 Kansas City Classes?

Kansas City Missouri Municipal Court is one court that always mandates the Alive at 25 class for drivers under 21 who request a ticket be amended or "kept off their record".  If you have a traffic ticket issued in that jurisdiction, let us help you keep it off of your driving record at a reasonable cost. 

Lee's Summit Municipal Court is another court that often mandates the Alive at 25 class for drivers under the age of 18, excessive speeds, or if an accident is involved.  Many other Missouri courts may make the Alive at 25 class a requirement for young drivers depending upon the circumstances involved.  

So, if you are a driver under the age of 21 with a traffic ticket - AND you want to keep it off of your record (which is always a good idea), then be prepared for the fact that you may need to take the Alive at 25 class to do it.

Therefore, we like to let our young clients and their parents know that being required to take this class is a possibility if the ticketed driver is under 21 years of age.  At KC Traffic Law Central, we like to keep our clients advised as to all the possibilities involved.  We know you don't like surprises and we don't either.

**Please be aware that you should start the process of getting your certificate of completion for the Alive at 25 Class right away if it is mandated as a condition of your ticket amendment.  

Even though it's only a 4 hour class, it can take several weeks to get into one.  Classes are on a first come, first served basis.  Call the Safety Council today at (816) 842-5223.

Safety and Health Council
Of Western Missouri and Kansas

Alive At 25 Safety Council Classes

5929 Troost Ave.,
Kansas City, MO  64110
(816) 842-5223

Visit Safety Council Website

Alive at 25 Kansas City has 3 Missouri locations listed
to choose from.

Statistically, young people have a high percentage of fatal accidents and the Safety Council's goal is to intervene in a way that will increase awareness of the mental skills and driving skills necessary to stay safe and to Stay Alive out there on the roads.

The Alive at 25 Kansas City class is 4 hours long and currently costs $55.  You can register for Kansas City Alive at 25 online by using the Safety Council link above.  You normally have 2 or 3 different locations and times to choose from. 

After attending the class, you are presented with a certificate that you will send to the court.  From that point, your amendment will proceed as usual. 

Please be aware that taking the Alive at 25 Class alone will not keep the ticket off of your driving record.  You must also have the ticket amended in the court jurisdiction in which it was given.

Help Keep Your Insurance Rates Down by Keeping Tickets Off Your Record

Young people have extremely high insurance rates already.  They are getting ready to enter the job market and are likely to be applying for credit.  All of these are valid reasons to keep their driving records as squeaky clean as possible. 

In the end, the benefits you reap will out-weigh the costs many times.  

As we frequently say, clients never tell us, 
"Gee, I sure wish I hadn't kept that off my record."

If you have questions about your traffic violation, call KC Traffic Law Central  or request an Free Online Quote to have your ticket kept off your driving record.



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