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Navigating Roundabouts

Roundabouts have been proven to make intersections
safer and more efficient. 

roundabouts, kansas city traffic lawyerRoundabouts Are Safer IF Used Correctly

The roundabout design for improved traffic flow in intersections is much more common in many European cities where traffic has been extremely congested for many years.  The people living in those countries have learned how to use roundabouts or "Glorietas" as they are called in Mexico.  

In the United States, and here in the Kansas City Metro Area, the learning curve is still "a work in progress".  One of the first roundabouts I remember is the one by the Argosy and there are actually 2 in a row in that intersection.  

But as traffic increases in our sprawling city, it is likely that the roundabouts will as well.  So we might as well learn the rules to "the circle".

If you only remember one thing about roundabouts,
Remember This:


Be attentive, stay calm and slow down.  Have an idea of which exit you will be taking - either the first exit, the second, or the third exit.  The exits appear quickly on the roundabouts so if you miss it, just stay in the circle and go around again to your exit.  Don't stop IN the circle.  Either keep going around or choose an exit - but don't stop!

Going around more than once is not a big deal.  Remember that the cars already in the roundabout have the right of way so choose your exit, use your turn signal, and leave the roundabout.  

Treat Roundabouts Like a Normal Intersection -
Only In Slow Motion!

  • SLOW DOWN AS YOU ENTER!  It's a circle AND an intersection.
  • The cars ALREADY IN the roundabout have the right away.
  • The cars ENTERING the roundabout must yield.
  • Yield to the left and merge to enter.  
  • Know which exit you are going to take.
  • Use your turn signal.
  • Don't stop IN the circle.
  • If you miss your exit, just go around again.
  • Don't pass and stay in your lane.
  • Don't drive next to an over-sized vehicle.
  • If in doubt, treat a circle like a straight intersection, only slower.  
  • Watch out for others entering who are clueless as to how this works.

Driving records are often utilized as one of many factors evaluated when a company is measuring personal responsibility.  So what's on yours does matter..

How do you keep it clean?  Well, moving violations such as speeding, illegal turns, accidents, etc. are recorded as "strikes" or "points" against your driving record. 

These are measurements that can eventually lead to suspension of your driving privilege and reek havoc with your credit along the way.

Let us help you minimize the damages to the extent possible. 

Call us at Traffic Law Central.  Consultations are always free.  A clean driving record is a prized possession and not every ticket is amendable.  So if you have one that is, don't pass the opportunity by.  We've never had a client that said, "Gee, I wish I hadn't kept that off my record!"

Have questions?  Call KC Traffic Law Central. 

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