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Jackson County Circuit Court in Independence Missouri is a court that we work with quite often here at KC Traffic Law Central.  If your ticket was issued in the jurisdiction of this court, it will be marked with Division 34 and will have been issued by a Jackson County Highway Patrol Officer.   

If you have a pending case in this court, call us for a free consultation or get an online quote here.

We know this court very well and can economically assist you in having these moving violations amended to zero-point, non-moving infractions that will not be recorded on your record.

Jackson County JACO Division 34
Amendment Fees and Court Costs:

**Important Note: Amendment fees are never the same as the fine on your ticket or pay slip.  Those amounts are "plead guilty" amounts.  That is the amount the court will charge you to plead guilty to the citation as a moving violation and have it recorded against your driving record.

We are not pleading you guilty.  We are having your ticket amended and therefore, court amendment fees replace the fines on your ticket or pay slip.  For more information, read ticket costs - amendment vs guilty plea.



Amounts the JACO Divn. 34 Court
will require you to pay:
(these amounts include the court amendment fee and court costs)

Why is this amount different than the fine that may be on your ticket?  Please read the Important Note above.

Most speeding tickets meeting the criteria above and minor traffic violations such as stop sign, illegal turn, signal or lane change will generally be assessed an amendment fee of $175 - $250 by the Jackson County Circuit Court prosecutor depending upon how far over the speed limit you were cited as traveling or your specific infraction.

Therefore, that is an estimate of what the court will require and can be changed by the court at any time. 

In addition, we charge an attorney fee to go to court for you and have your ticket amended.  In most cases, you do not have to go to court, nor do you have to come into our office.  Our goal is to make the process as easy on you as possible.

After we have your ticket amended, we pay the court your amendment fees and court costs and send the original court receipt to you with our closing letter.  That completes your amendment process in most cases.

*If you were 21 or under when your ticket was issued, please let us know.

*If you were cited with "no insurance" (failure to maintain financial responsibility) and actually had valid insurance for you on that vehicle on that day, we can have this ticket dismissed. Read more about no insurance tickets.

*If you were cited with DWS driving while suspended or driving while revoked, read more here.

Division 33 - Now Division 34
JACO Circuit Court

308 West Kansas

Independence, Missouri  64050

Phone: 816-881-4400

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