Independence Municipal Court Lawyer
Jackson County Judicial Circuit 16
Independence, Missouri

Independence Municipal Court in Jackson County Missouri is a court that we work with quite often here at KC Traffic Law Central.  If you have a pending case in this court, call us for a free consultation or take advantage of our $125 online attorney fee on standard ticket amendments that meet the criteria as described below.    

$125 Special

Traffic Ticket amendments in this court may qualify for a $125 attorney fee when processed online.
(Pay at the bottom of the page.)

We know this court very well and can economically assist you in having these moving violations amended to zero-point, non-moving infractions that will not be recorded on your record.

KC Traffic Law Central is able to assist you with any charges you may have against you in this court.  Call us if your ticket does not meet the following criteria for a $125 attorney fee.  We will quote you a reasonable price to resolve your legal matter.  816-841-2557

To qualify for $125 attorney fee,
your Independence Court ticket must:

  • Have a current court date that is at least 48 hours away.
  • Be less than 24mph over the speed limit.
  • Be for a speeding charge, stop sign, illegal turn, signal, lane use or similar minor traffic violation.
  • If you received a "no insurance" ticket (called failure to maintain financial responsibility), the ticket will qualify for this special if you can provide proof of insurance for you in that car on that day.  Fax proof to 816-337-3820 or email to  With proper proof, we can have the ticket dismissed.
  • If you have a question as to whether your ticket would qualify for a $125 online attorney fee, email us at or call 816-841-2557.

To qualify for $125 attorney fee,
your Independence Municipal Court ticket cannot:

  • Be at warrant (court date has come and gone)
  • Be more than 23 mph over the limit
  • Include a "no insurance" ticket for which you really did not have insurance.
  • Involve an accident.
  • Be for DWS (driving while suspended or revoked), DWI (driving while intoxicated), C&I (careless and imprudent), Possession, Shoplifting, or other serious charges. Note that we have successfully handled many, many of these cases in Independence Municipal Court with optimal outcomes so call us for a price on these cases.  816-841-2557
  • Be marked CDL (commercial driver's license)
  • Be marked construction zone, work zone (CZ or WZ), or school zone (SZ).
  • Have any other extenuating circumstances that may warrant increased complexity.

**Please note the we can quickly and affordably handle these tickets but we would need to talk to you prior to quoting an attorney fee; which may be higher than the $125 price due to the specific circumstances. 

Call us at 816-841-2557 for a quick price on your ticket amendment or request an Online Ticket Quote.

How does the online process work? 
Here are the steps:

  • Make sure your ticket is an Independence Municipal Court ticket and the court address is 111 East Maple in Independence, Missouri. 
  • Make sure it meets the criteria above.
  • Pay the $125 attorney fee for us to process the amendment with the link below. Be sure to include your ticket number/s, full name, address, phone, and email address.  Double check your contact information so we can get in touch with you. 
  • We will contact you within 24 hours or less to accept or decline your case. If declined, an immediate and full refund will be processed.
  • If we accept your case, we will email you a receipt and formal acceptance. Only at that point will an attorney-client relationship exist. 
  • You will owe amendment fees and court costs to Independence Municipal Court. When we accept your case, we will email you a link to pay us the court amendment fees.
  • We will then have your ticket amended in court and furnish you with the court receipt with our closing letter at the completion of your case.
  • How much will you owe the court? See the sample Independence Municipal Court amendment fees listed below.

Click Here to read more Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Payments

Independence Municipal Court
Amendment Fees and Court Costs:

**Important Note: Amendment fees are never the same as the fine on your ticket or pay slip.  Those amounts are "plead guilty" amounts.  That is the amount the court will charge you to plead guilty to the citation as a moving violation and have it recorded against your driving record.

We are not pleading you guilty.  We are having your ticket amended and therefore, court amendment fees replace the fines on your ticket or pay slip.  For more information, read ticket costs - amendment vs guilty plea.

Amounts the Independence Municipal Court
will require you to pay:
(these amounts include the court amendment fee and court costs)

Why is this amount different than the fine that may be on your ticket?  Please read the Important Note above.

Most speeding tickets meeting the criteria above and minor traffic violations such as stop sign, illegal turn, signal or lane change will generally be assessed an amendment fee of $200 - $300 by the Independence Municipal Court prosecutor depending upon how far over the speed limit you were cited as traveling or your specific infraction.

Therefore, that is an estimate of what the court will require.  This is of course in addition to the $125 attorney fee we receive for our services.

*If you have a "no seat belt" citation, that may be an additional amount to be paid to the court. It is not a moving violation.

*If you are 21 or under when your ticket was issued, please let us know.

*If you were cited with "no insurance" (failure to maintain financial responsibility) and actually had valid insurance for you on that vehicle on that day, we can have this ticket dismissed. Read more about no insurance tickets.

*If you were cited with DWS driving while suspended or driving while revoked, read more here.

Independence, Missouri Municipal Court

111 East Maple

Independence, Missouri  64050

Phone: 816-325-7235   Fax: 816-325-7241

Ready To Get Started?

If your ticket meets the criteria above and you'd like to proceed with having your ticket amended to a zero-point, non-moving; then purchase the $125 attorney fee here. 

You can use securely use any credit or debit card and do not have to have or open a PayPal account.  After clicking PAY NOW, you will have a chance to review your $125 order. (If you have any questions use the contact form below, or call us at 816-841-2557).

Missouri Court Lawyer
Court AND Court Date
Ticket Number or Numbers

Please note that an attorney-client relationship is not formed until you have received an email from us accepting your case.  That will occur within 2 - 24 hours depending on when you submit the payment.  

Click Here for more Frequently Asked Questions About Paying Online.

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