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FCC Tickets - Fine Collection Center 

2019 Update  ***Please Note: The Missouri Court System is phasing
out FCC or Fine Collection Center tickets*****

The Fine Collection Center will eventually cease to exist and tickets will be processed by their originating or issuing court.  Most courts that have utilized the FCC in the past have now converted to processing their own tickets.  

If you have a question regarding a FCC ticket that you may still have, feel free to give us a call and we'll help you sort it out.  



FCC tickets are traffic tickets issued normally (but not always) by the Missouri Highway Patrol.  The FCC stands for Fine Collection Center.  We can in most cases keep these traffic tickets from tarnishing your driving record without an office visit and without you having to appear in court.

We keep it simple.  Just call us at 816-841-2557.  Then fax (816-337-3820), or scan, or take a picture of your ticket so we can confirm that it is eligible for an amendment.  Pay online or over the phone and we'll take it from there!

When the process is complete, we'll send you the original court receipt along with our closing letter.

Understanding Fine Collection Center Traffic Tickets

How do you know if you have an FCC ticket?
The ticket will have "FCC" written in the "court" block and "due in 30 days" or similar language in the "court date" block.

Up in the corner (usually right corner) it will say what court jurisdiction your ticket is in and that's what we'll need to know.  That's the court we'll be dealing with to get your amendment done.  (It will say, CIRCUIT COURT of whatever county it's in.)

FCC Ticket - Fine Collection Center

FCC - Fine Collection Center
P.O. Box 104540
Jefferson City, MO  65110
(877) 866-3926

It helps to understand the FCC or Fine Collection Center's process if you want your ticket amended.  The FCC is merely a large entity that processes GUILTY PLEAS and collects the fines for many Missouri Circuit Courts so the courts don't have to do it.

The FCC or Fine Collection Center is not a court - and therefore has no ability to do anything other than to collect fines.  It is only a fine collection center. 

Once you understand that, the rest is easy:
When we have a ticket amended (kept off your record) for you that was issued as an FCC ticket, we first must file paperwork to have the ticket sent back from the FCC to the "court of origin". 

For example, if your ticket was issued in Lafayette County, we will petition the FCC to send your ticket back to Lafayette County so that we can deal with the prosecutor there to get your ticket amended.  This is an extra step that is involved with FCC tickets, but there is nothing extra for YOU to do. 

We'll take care of the entire process but it just takes a little longer than standard ticket amendments due to the extra steps involved.  The end process is the same - a cleaner driving record for you!  

Because these amendments are more labor-intensive for us, FCC tickets do not qualify for our $99 "simple ticket" attorney fee.  Call us for a price quote on your particular FCC ticket.

The benefits you reap will out-weigh the costs.  As we frequently say,  clients never tell us, "Gee, I sure wish I hadn't kept that off my record."

If you have questions about your traffic violation, call us or request an Free Online Quote to have your FCC ticket kept off your driving record.



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