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Whether you've been cited for causing a minor "fender-bender" or face serious charges arising from leaving the scene of an auto accident, let KC Traffic Law Central help you minimize the damages.

Potential Consequences

Hit and run or leaving the scene are jailable offenses.  You can also lose you driving priviledge for a year or more.  Reckless driving alone can result in a minimum 90 day license suspension.  

If you were driving without insurance at the time of the accident, your license can be instantly suspended.  Regaining your license can require SR-22 insurance and other requirements.  

If someone was injured in the accident, the court may order restitution and the victim may sue you as well.  High fines, penalties, and possible jail time can compound a serious matter.

Let KC Traffic Law Central help you reduce the impact of these situations.

Paying More Doesn't Mean You Get More

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because an attorney charges a high price for his/her services that it means you will receive a higher level of representation.

If you need a KC lawyer because of serious charges related to an auto accident in the Kansas City Metro area, put my expertise to work for you. Together, we'll work to obtain the most favorable outcome for your particular circumstances. 

You can count on fair pricing, attentive service, and absolute confidentiality.  Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us and we have hundreds of repeat clients and client referrals. 

The legal process and court system can be intimidating, particularly with serious cases that threaten your livelihood and freedom.

A poor outcome with these charges can put you behind bars.  Our goal is to reduce your stress level and make it as easy as possible for you.  We'll use our past experience to minimize the damages against you. 

Call us for a complimentary phone consultation regarding your case. I'd be glad to discuss your case with you in terms of the options and potential outcomes.

I will then give you a total price to handle your case so you'll know how much I'm charging from the start and we can discuss payment options.

If you'd prefer, you can fill out the case review form below and I'll get back with you right away.

I'll get the best outcome for your situation and won't charge you a fortune to do it.   Anthony Bukaty



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