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Here's The Honest Scoop on the
$99 Attorney Fee for Simple Ticket Amendments:

Like any business, some jobs we do are harder than others.  All traffic tickets and all courts are not created equal.

Some courts have a simple, streamlined process for keeping a ticket off your record and some courts make that process more difficult.  

Many additional factors play into making a ticket amendment more complex or not, such as actual speed and charges against you, age of the driver, insurance status, proximity of court date, etc.  More complex = more time = more money.

Simply put, if your ticket takes less time and labor to have amended, we gladly offer you a reduced attorney fee to handle it.  

Again, that is determined by:

  1. The court jurisdiction your ticket is issued in.

  2. The specifics of the circumstances surrounding your ticket.

To see if your court qualifies for the $99 attorney fee pricing, check our list of Missouri Courts or our list of Kansas Courts.  

If your court is not found on that list, call us or request an online quote.  

If your court is not listed as one offering a $99 attorney fee, be assured that we will offer you the best price possible based upon the court and the particular circumstances surrounding your ticket.

Keeping a traffic ticket or speeding ticket
off your record typically incurs 2 fees.

  1. The first fee is the attorney fee to facilitate the ticket amendment process.  Here at KC Traffic Law Central our fee for ticket amendments is generally from $99 to $175.  Certain circumstances may warrant more due to the complexity of the situation.

  2. The second fee related to keeping that ticket off your driving record is the fee in the form of fines and/or court costs that are paid to the court.  Essentially, the court charges you more money in exchange for "changing" or "amending" your ticket to a lesser offense that will not appear on your driving record.

    Understand that the fine listed on your ticket is no longer relevant if you are having the ticket amended.  The fine on your ticket is a "plead guilty" fine. We are not pleading you guilty. We are not pleading you "no contest" as this has the same negative outcome on your driving record as pleading guilty.   

    We are having your ticket "reduced in severity" (amended) to a level that will not be recorded on your driving record and for that plea, the court charges you more than your original fine.

  To All of Our Many Past Clients,

   Please be aware that my office will not be accepting new cases due to changing career plans.

I have truly appreciated the opportunity to represent and build relationships with all of you.  


Anthony T. Bukaty, Attorney-at-Law



So Should You Plead Guilty
or Have Your Speeding Ticket Amended?

Pleading guilty and having a moving violation recorded against you has many adverse effects.  We receive calls nearly every day from people wanting to "undo" their previous guilty pleas. 

Sometimes it's the letter they received from their insurance company that begins, "Due to a change in your driving record ........ and ends with a rate increase".  Tarnished driving records can have an adverse effect on your credit rating or ability to rent a car on vacation.  Employers are often running driving records on job applicants as another form of evaluation or indicator of responsibility - even if the job has nothing to do with driving. 

The bottom line is this:  Not every ticket is amendable.  So, if you have a moving violation that is amendable, have it amended. 

Yes, it will cost you more up front.  But it will save you over and over in the long run.  I can promise you that we never have someone who says, "Gee, I sure wish I hadn't kept that off my driving record."

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