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  Don't Make This One Mistake . . .

Our offices receive calls every day from people
wanting to "undo" their previous guilty pleas.

They've found out that by simply paying their traffic ticket fine, and thereby pleading guilty or no contest (same outcome), it has had an adverse effect on their lives. 

It may be when you receive that rate increase letter from your insurance company that starts out with, "due to a change in your driving record ..." or when you apply for a job and they run your driving record or apply for a credit card, a home loan, or a rental car.

Moving violations recorded against your driving record affect you in more ways than many people realize.  Every ticket is not amendable.  So, if you have one that is, don't plead guilty. It is far better, and cheaper to do it right the first time rather than to try to "undo" a mistake.

Call us first and we'll discuss your options.  
We have 1000s of successful cases behind us.

We provide a clear and straight-forward approach, taking the mystery out of traffic law. We want you to understand what the process is and we make it as simple as possible.

Repeat clients and client referrals are nearly half of our business and we like it that way.  Contact us and you'll see why we're now representing the next generation of our early clients.    

KC Traffic Law Central has represented 2 generations of clients.Serving 2 Generations of Clients

 "Mr. Bukaty and his staff made the amendment process painless and helped me understand how it all works"  J. W.

    "Everyone is so friendly and available to answer my questions.  I never felt alone"  M. T.

    "I couldn't believe my case was completed so quickly.  If I would have known it would be this easy, I would have gotten my license back sooner" D. E.

   "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time!  I appreciate the confidential handling of my case"  J. P.

    "I'd completely forgotten about my court date.  You were able to cancel the warrant and resolve this without me even going to court"  T. T.

Affordable Kansas City Lawyer for: 

DWI or DUI:  The clock is ticking.  As you may know, these are very time sensitive cases that deserve the experienced legal assistance we can offer at reasonable prices.  We have a proven track record of optimal outcomes. 
If you have a drunk driving charge against you, ..... read more.

Driving while suspended (DWS) or driving while revoked are serious charges. You may be one of the people that call us everyday that did not even know that their license had been suspended, ..... read more.

Or, you may have a long-standing, complex case involving multiple tickets. Either way, we are experts at obtaining the best outcome for driving while suspended cases ..... read more.

Criminal charges such as shoplifting, assault, domestic violence, solicitation, prostitution, probation violations, trespassing, MIP minor in possession can result in jail time if not handled by a Kansas City attorney experienced in the court your case is in.  We have extensive experience and success with keeping our clients out of jail....  read more.

CDL or Commercial Drivers have their livelihood at stake.  Minimize the impact.  Ask what KC Traffic Law Central can do ...... read more.

Auto Accident?  Call us before you settle with the insurance company and before you plead to any court charges ....  read more.

Possession of Marijuana or paraphernalia?  Protect your record and your freedom.  There are often options other than jail time ...... read more.

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